Xarchiver 0.3.9svn: who wants to test it ?

jp jp.guillemin at free.fr
Thu Jun 22 23:01:08 CEST 2006

Colossus wrote:
> On 6/22/06, jp.guillemin at free.fr <jp.guillemin at free.fr> wrote:
>> I will, this WE.
> :) thank you,
Here are my test results :

1) compile cleanly with latest svn xfce-dev-tools : OK

2) install OK, desktop menu entry is there : OK

3) trying a drag&drop extract from tar.gz : failed, I get : "Invalid 
filename provided by XDS drag site."

4) xarchiver -a test.tgz : failed to create the archive, I get "Can't 
open archive test.tgz: No such file or directory"
    and then a nice "Segmentation fault" (after closing the message box)

5) xarchiver -e archive.tgz : OK

6) xarchiver -d archive.tar.gz test.txt : failed : archive is destroyed 

7) xarchiver -x folder archive.tar.gz : OK

8) opening a tar.gz archive : OK

9) opening a tar.bz2 archive : OK

10) drag and drop add to archive : always fails : "The format of this 
archive is not recognized !"

A feature request :

A new option, something like :
-n, --new [file1]  [file2] [fileN] ...                           Prompt 
for the archive name to create, and add files in this new archive.

->> Would be interesting to be used as a Thunar custom command (btw : 
it's the only option that I would really use :)



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