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Mike Massonnet mmassonnet at gmail.com
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Hello folks,

I wrote a new features page, this time text based.  Please read it and
correct it since english is not my .. well, I'm not the best at writing.

I paste it here for the thread:
 Xfce Features

    * Lightweight desktop environment
    * Basic and lightweight applications
    * Goodies for maximum features
    * Real multiscreen and Xinerama
    * Kiosk mode to restrict the configuration
    * Translated in more than 40 languages

    * Freedesktop specifications compliance
          o Extended Window Manager hints
          o Desktop Menus
          o Icon themes
          o XDG Base directory
          o XSETTINGS protocol
          o Drag-and-Drop protocol

Xfce provides a lightweight desktop environment with default icons and
themes consisting of a desktop manager with icons support, panels for a
default menu, application launchers and extra plugins, a windows and
workspace manager with Xorg's composite feature for transparencies and
shadows, a session manager for startup and shutdown functionalities,
and a settings manager for global Xfce components and general items.

Moreover Xfce provides common applications, designed to be lightweight
too for the desktop environment. These applications are: a modern
terminal emulator with tabs, an iCal based calendar to notice events
and appointments, and a mixer to control the volumes. Some Xfce
applications comes with a panel plugin, for example the calendar
provides a plugin to show a customizable date, and the mixer provides a
control on the master volume.

Finally Xfce provides end-user applications, always designed
lightweight, which are: a simple and fast text editor with printing
feature, an easy-to-use file-manager, a media player based on Xine, a
CD's and DVD's burner, and an archive manager supporting multiple
compression formats.

I join the PHP page, and for the link, it is still the same:

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