A quirk with xfwm4.

Alexandre Moreira alexandream at gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 01:22:51 CEST 2006

So, Brian, I have (and always had) my focus stealing protection
disabled and the problem is still showing. I tested it both with and
without stealing protection and the same happened (unless I have to
restart xfwm after changing the option).

As I mentioned in the other post, the procedure with the convo window
minimized also works as expected... Otherwise, another thing I just
figured out is that it sets the "URGENT" hint on the wm when it
doesn`t work (when there is a conversation window openened and it is
NOT minimized).

Hope that explains the problem... and I`m dying to find a solution,
since this is the one thing preventing me to use xfce 4.4, which is a
great release.

2006/6/13, Brian J. Tarricone <bjt23 at cornell.edu>:
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> On 6/11/2006 5:07 PM, Alexandre Moreira wrote:
> > Whenever I double click at the buddy list to open a new message
> > conversation window, in metacity it opens the new tab (ok... this is
> > Gaims responsability, so far no wm stuff) and gives the (pre existant)
> > window the focus (and rise it), so I can start typing right away.
> >
> > The same procedure while running xfwm4 (as it came with ubuntu, same
> > behavior with the 4.4 beta1 and a friend of mine says it does the same
> > with the most recent svn version) gives me Gaim opening the tab in the
> > window (same thing... no wm stuff involved) but keeping the window to
> > the background.
> I've noticed this as well, and it's quite annoying.  Do you have xfwm4's
> focus stealing prevention enabled?  (You can check in the WM Tweaks
> settings panel.)  That could be the cause of the problem.  I know I do,
> but I haven't tried disabling it to see if the problem goes away.
> It gives focus for me if I don't already have a window open (i.e.,
> double clicking someone in the list opens a new conversation window),
> but not if I already have a convo window open.  Though I was pretty sure
> the window got raised to the top of the stack; it just didn't get focused.
>         -brian
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