xfce-panel appears when it shouldn't?

Scott Horowitz stonecrest at gmail.com
Sun Jun 11 18:52:22 CEST 2006

I've been developing a pygtk application that, in some cases, goes
fullscreen. Whenever a gtk.Dialog is popped up, the xfce-panel
suddenly appears above the fullscreen-ed application along with the
dialog. When the dialog is destroyed, the panel disappears. I have
validated that the gtk.Dialog is indeed transient.

You can confirm that this happens by opening firefox, going into
fullscreen mode, and pressing ctrl-D (bookmark this page). This is
also a transient window and you can see the xfce-panel appear.

This is with xfce4-svn. If it is indeed a bug as I think it is, I can
file a bug report. I don't know what other DEs do, but it's definitely
not the expected behavior and it's quite annoying for what my
application does.


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