How to use _() inside an array ?

Colossus colossus73 at
Fri Jun 9 15:14:59 CEST 2006


I was developing the cmd-line switches for xarchiver, I have something
like this:

static GOptionEntry entries[] =
37:	{ "extract-to=FOLDER", 'x', 0, G_OPTION_ARG_FILENAME,
&extract_path, "Extract the archive to the specified folder and
quits.", NULL },
	{ "extract", 'e', 0, G_OPTION_ARG_NONE, &ask_and_extract, "Extract
the archive by asking the destination folder and quits.", NULL },
	{ "add-to=ARCHIVE", 'd', 0, G_OPTION_ARG_FILENAME, &path, "Add files
to the specified archive and quits.", NULL },
	{ "add", 'a', 0, G_OPTION_ARG_NONE, &ask_and_add, "Add files asking
the name of the archive and quits.", NULL },
	{ NULL }

But when I put the _() near the "Extract the archive bla bla" to allow
translating I get:
main.c:37: error: initializer element is not constant
main.c:37: error: (near initialization for `entries[0].description')

How can I fix this ?

Thank you,
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