Of xfce menu (and a bit of startup time)

Aaron Fineman aaronf0 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 5 03:45:12 CEST 2006

> What may look like a feature is somehow inconsistent behavior IMHO.
> Also, I find that xfce menu startup is a lot slower than both KDE or
> GNOME equivalents (and yes, that strikes me a bit). I do think that we
> should not check for the command existence of the executable in the
> menu. I see this as a waste of precious resources at startup. I do not
> think it's the "job" of the menu to check for that, its the job of the
> software installer/uninstaller to install and remove the desktop files
> along with the programs.
> What do you think?

why not just check this on startup, and only then? but i think thats
unnecessary, and xfce should just pop up a box if the command isnt
found, which would save menu loading speed. also, if you turn off
icons in menus in your .gtkrc file, you might notice a large speed
increase. same with right clicking on the window titles. bad caching,
or something else?

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