Features page [Re: New Xfce website]

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at xfce.org
Sun Jun 4 17:11:00 CEST 2006

Mike Massonnet schreef:
> So, what do you think now?
> Still visible on my box: 
> https://ms4tr3.homeunix.net/temp/xfce/pseudo.php?p=features.html

Right. I'm not sure what Nick has in mind exactly for this section, but 
I have a feeling that this is still too much detail and too technical. I 
think it should be more of a commercial for Xfce to get the readers 

Based on that assumption, here's a few more points:

- The program names (e.g. xfce-mcs-manager) don't matter, let's lose those.

- I'm not sure the programs need separate heading, maybe the categories 
are enough?

- Screenshots are good, technical details are boring ;-)

So, the mcs stuff is not important, but the fact that many settings can 
be changed in a graphical dialog from one location is a good selling point.

The implementation of wm themes is not important, but the fact that we 
can make windows look pretty, can use transparency and shadows and 
support multiple monitors is.

"The desktop manager not only shows a background image, but it provides 
a right-click mouse menu to run application and can optionally show 
files or minimized applications as icons on the desktop." ... something 
like that.

"Xfce supports multiple panels, with many options for their position, 
appearance and behavior. There are several items available by default, 
like program launchers, a tasklist, a graphical pager and a clock and 
many more can be obtained from the Xfce Goodies project." ... or similar.

That would be my idea anyway, but maybe it's better to let other people 
comment as well.


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