xfrun4 D-BUS service

Jannis Pohlmann info at sten-net.de
Mon Jul 31 21:19:53 CEST 2006

Hey Brian,

I noticed that Verve doesn't work with the xfrun D-BUS implementation
you commited a few days ago. This is because you implement a different
OpenDialog method. AFAIK, we agreed on using this:

  OpenDialog (dir : STRING, display : STRING) : VOID

  dir     : either a file:-URI or an absolute path.
  display : the screen on which to display the file properties
            or "" to use the default screen of the current panel

In xfrun-dbus.c, you pass three arguments to this method
(the third one is a variable named "run_argument"). Also, you pass them
in wrong order (display, dir, run_argument) instead of (dir, display).
Is the run_argument really needed? If so, we might want to add it to
the interface but if not, I can write a patch for removing it from

Another thing I noticed is that no DBUS_NAME_FLAGs are passed to
dbus_bus_request_name() in line 230. Ideally, you'd pass
DBUS_NAME_FLAG_ALLOW_REPLACEMENT (only when using D-BUS >= 0.60) in
order to allow other services to take over the ownership for
org.xfce.RunDialog. This is important because programs like Verve are
likely to be started after the xfrun4 (as invoked by the D-BUS daemon).


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