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Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Mon Jul 31 08:49:00 CEST 2006

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Daniel Ostrow wrote:
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>> You know, we might benefit from a GNOME style release timetable. At any  
>> given time about two thirds of svn head is rock solid stability-wise, so I  
>> suspect getting a release out every 6 months may not as hard as we think  
>> it is.
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> A large portion of the reasoning behind avoiding a standard release
> schedule is guaranteeing that the individuals responsible for the
> release are present and free at that time and have had enough time to
> ensure the stability of their product. Take this from someone who
> participates in Gentoo's release schedule every six months. The way to
> intelligently get around this is to have a designated release
> coordinator who doesn't have to worry about coding anything him or
> herself that isn't implicitly release related (read tools needed to
> perform the release).

That's all well and good, but we don't have the resources that either
GNOME or Gentoo have.  Not to besmirch the non-coding help we've gotten,
but I believe on one occasion when we tried to have a non-coder act as
release coordinator, he himself wasn't available during the next
release.  That's no one's fault; people just have more important things
to do in their everyday lives sometimes.

It would be nice if we released more often, sure.  I think the problem
isn't really not having the time to do the releases, it's that we can't
make ourselves stop.  It's the "one more feature" mentality, and we
reinforce it as we go along.  I know I think, "but if I don't get this
feature in before 4.4, it'll be at least another 14-16 months before
this feature gets into stable 4.6."  It's self-feeding.  If we were to
do a stable release every 6 months, it wouldn't be so bad: "eh, I can't
get this finished now, but it'll be in the next stable in 6 months."

I guess the question is... can we do that?  After we get 4.4 out the
door, can we really say, "hey, 4.6 is coming out in 6 months, no matter
how many or few features we get to put in".  And really, SVN trunk
doesn't need to be rock-stable when we do that.  That's what the betas
and the RCs are for, to stabilise the development branch.

I dunno if things will actually change, and, to be honest, I don't
really care all that much either way.


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