Xfdesktop feature request - Embryo of proposed patch

Gregoire Gentil gregoire at gentil.com
Fri Jul 28 08:38:08 CEST 2006


> Can you give us more information about your project, like a URL, or
> maybe just a quick summary?  I'm curious and interested to know what
> exactly it is you're doing.
It's a little bit early and quite confidential but I will definitely
keep updated the Xfce community as soon as possible.

Point #1: Changing the right click menu.
Thanks for your advice. I will definitely try.

Point #2: Adding items to the desktop menu.
Found the reference and added some new menu items. I'm not sure that it
will be very useful to the whole community.

Point #3: Improving xfdesktop drag and drop UI.
Sorry if I hurt you with my comment. So, I did it and I consider that
the very simple attached patch improves the UI. But there is no
accounting for taste!

Also, if anybody has an idea how to remove the overlay rectangle icon
used by gtk_drag_set_icon_pixbuf, I'm interested. When you move an icon,
I think that it makes sense just to grab the icon and the overlay
doesn't make sense to me.

Point #4: Deleting a non-writable .desktop file on the desktop.
I entered a bug in bugzilla: Bug #2081. To my mind, it would be super
nice to disable the delete menu item if the file is not writable,

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