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Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Thu Jul 27 05:01:46 CEST 2006

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Jannis Pohlmann wrote:
> I. The "egg" thing
>   We talked about a testing library similar to GNOMEs libegg about ten
>   days ago. We agreed that something like this might be useful but two
>   questions remain: How do we name it (libeasterbunny would be funny,
>   I'd prefer something else, though)

Actually, I think libeasterbunny is pretty funny.  I don't much care
what it's called, as long as it's not too long, is pretty easy to type,
and is amusing or whimsical in some way.  Gnome seems to already have
covered the breakfast foods (libegg, toast-something, and
BaconVideoWidget come to mind), so let's go for another theme.  Maybe we
want to continue the coffee theme Auke started with our hosting server
hostnames (espresso and mocha)?  libfrap?  liblatte?  libcappuccino?
libmachiato?  Just a thought.

> and who will add it to /trunk?

I can do that, or Benny, Jas, Olivier, Auke...

>   As I'll probably be the first to add a project to this "libegg" copy,
>   I hereby offer to create and maintain it (once we agreed on a name).

Sweet, thanks.  Let's not spend too much time on the name; bike-shed
syndrome comes to mind.  If people want to throw suggestions out there,
fine.  But Jannis, since you've offered to maintain it, feel free to
just decide when you see one you personally like, and run with it.

>   While I'm at it, how do we want to name the XDG menu implementation?
>   Should it be a more fresh name like "exo" or is "libxfce4menu" ok?

It's your project.  You write the code; you get to decide on the name.
(For the record, though, I think libxfce4menu is fine, unless you'd like
to present it to the OSS desktop community at large in the hopes that
non-Xfce people will use it, in which case they might feel funny using
something with 'xfce' in it.  It's purely a silly marketing/politics
concern, so feel free to not care.)

> II. The menu API
>    XfceMenu *xfce_menu_get_root (void);

How do you get a menu other than the 'default' menu?

>    const gchar *xfce_menu_get_filename (XfceMenu *menu); 
>    void xfce_menu_set_filename (XfceMenu *menu, const gchar *filename); 

Creating the menu from the default menu file and then setting it to
something else and rebuilding seems a bit wasteful and counter-intuitive.

Unless xfce_menu_get_root() just returns an empty menu for which you
*have* to _set_filename(), in which case that seems like an unnecessary
extra step.  xfce_menu_new(const gchar *filename) seems to make sense
here, since I'm not sure how useful an empty menu is.  You can always
provide a xfce_menu_new_empty() if you'd like.  Or:

XfceMenu *xfce_menu_new(void);
XfceMenu *xfce_menu_new_with_filename(const gchar *filename);

That's a bit more in line with common gtk/glib usage, though my gut
preference is that the standard non-suffixed _new() function should be
the most commonly used one.  But I'm just being bored and nitpicky.
Feel free to do whatever you think is best.

> Please tell me what you think about it - does the concept sound ok to
> you? Personally, I really like it and I think it's a good starting
> point.

*nod*, I think you're taking this in the right direction, definitely.  I
really can't wait until it's finished ^_^.


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