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Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Thu Jul 20 23:34:35 CEST 2006

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Eugenia Loli-Queru wrote:
>> I've already seen screenshots of gontact, and atleast the screenshots
>> look ok. But as you might know there's already Orage, the Xfce calendar
>> app, so it wouldn't make much sense to "include" gcontact in Xfce.
> The idea is to replace Orage. I mean, if gontact brings you two new apps
> "for free" and you only have one, to me it makes sense to consider
> removing Orage and go with whatever brings you more functionality.

That sounds rather... shortsighted.

And it's not even a "real" app.  It's just an aggregate of three other
apps, one of which ("Contacts") relies on evolution's backend, which is
huge.  "Dates" is at v0.1, which seems to indicate it's nowhere near as
mature as Orage.  TinyMail is still more or less an experiment, but I
think would be perfect for a lightweight mail client at some point in
the future.

So basically we have in gontact:

1.  A python glue script.
2.  A contacts app that requires a large library and infrastructure to work.
3.  A calendaring app that barely exists, and is intended for the Nokia
770 anyway.
4.  A mail client that's still a testbed for a low-memory mail client.

Doesn't sound like quite a slam dunk to me.


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