suspend/hibernation in xfce4-session

Andre Puschmann andre.puschmann at
Tue Jul 18 14:52:38 CEST 2006

>>>> - no dynamic hal+dbus recognition in
>> You need to edit is regenerated whenver
>> is run.  You should use the XDT_CHECK_OPTIONAL_PACKAGE()
>> macro in to detect hal and dbus properly.  I believe
>> thunar uses both of these, so look there for examples of both
>> and
> jep, i'll have a look at thunar's configure scripts ..

i did it the way thunar does and dbus+hal recognition now works!

>> This is definitely a bad idea security-wise; they should be absolute
>> paths.  What you should do is make it configurable at compile-time via
>> ./configure.  Grep around in one of our files for
>> AC_ARG_WITH and AC_DEFINE - that's how you'd make it configurable.
>> You'd want a hardcoded default in; use whatever appears
>> to be the "normal" location for those commands.  That way, distribution
>> packagers can easily set the location for their packages (since they
>> know where their HAL installs its binaries), by doing something like:
>> ./configure --prefix=/whatever --with-hibernate-command=/sbin/foo
> i'll try this. may be it is possible to figure out with which prefix hal
> is compiled and thus figure out where those scripts use to be?

i added this to

dnl Check for suspend command
  AC_HELP_STRING([--with-suspend-command=cmd], [command used to suspend
system (full path with arguments)]),
AC_MSG_CHECKING([for custom 'suspend' command])
AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(SUSPEND_CMD, "$with_suspend", [suspend command])

but code which uses SUSPEND_CMD doesn't get it. what am i doing wrong?
i always do a "autoconf && ./configure && make" after i changed
something in


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