[PATHC] fireglcontrolpanel plugin for xfce4-mcs-plugins

Auke Kok sofar at foo-projects.org
Mon Jul 17 17:55:57 CEST 2006

Albeit I whacked this together in about 20 minutes, here's a patch for 
xfce-mcs-plugins that creates a panel icon to start ati's firegl control 
panel. right now it's a bit sad but they're working on adding more features, 
but it's still usable since it allows you to switch monitors easily.

the patch was mostly created by gracelessly ripping danny's screensaver plugin 
code and using 'sed -i'. it was fun. I didn't even bother putting in new 
icons. Someone should really make this one and one for NVIDIA available as a 
goody plugin separately of xfce-mcs-pluguns :) (***HINT***)

I don't expect this to be merged, it's just a concept and quick hack to get 
the control panel to show the ati settings, that's all :)



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