mcs file manager plugin

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at
Fri Jul 14 16:46:03 CEST 2006

Nikolas Arend wrote:
>>Ah, well... Now with the FC4 dbus package version 0.33 installed, I get 
>>the following after removing the "--daemon" parameter.
>>"Error: Process /usr/bin/Thunar exited with status 127"
>>With 0.34 the preferences dialog pops up, but also a Thunar window 
>>(which is why I guess the daemon parameter is passed).
>>So, if people on FC4 stick with the officially provided packages, the 
>>fm_plugin will most likely not work. Maybe it would be good to have a 
>>solution for this, although I can understand that you're not keen on 
>>creating work-arounds for specific distributions.
> I just upgraded to dbus 0.50 (which is actually a slighly modified 
> version from the 0.36.x series) and things work now, but only if Thunar 
> was compiled against that specific dbus version. When I installed 0.50, 
> but used Thunar that was compiled under 0.33, the fm plugin wouldn't 
> work. Although I admittedly build the xfce rpms myself, there was no 
> dependency problem when upgrading dbus (because I guess only the libdbus 
> version is checked). I don't know if this can be helped but maybe it 
> would be good if Thunar could handle the situation of different 
> dbus-versions.

That'd mean adding another binary to handle the daemon case. Somewhat
overhead to support an outdated (development!) version of D-BUS. D-BUS
is known to be work-in-progress, so distributors must take care to
provide appropriate updates.

> Regards,   Nick.


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