adding support for hibernation to xfce4-sessions's exit dialog

Andre Puschmann andre.puschmann at
Thu Jul 13 12:31:44 CEST 2006

Jani Monoses wrote:
>> If you add a toggle button to "Logout settings", then that's no
>> different than adding the buttons to the logout dialog: The user is
>> still the one to figure out.

i don't agree, since even if it works, it should be up to the user to
decide whether to use it or not.

>> Nobody said it'd be easy to do it right. But it's way better if the
>> developers spend a day or two figuring out, than having each user spend
>> atleast one day to figure out.

i totally agree.

> User input is required anyway since the only way to tell if
> hibernation/suspend works is by trying it out. The status reported by
> the system is not 100% reliable.

thats exactly what i mean .. even if there is suspend-support compiled
in kernel, there is no guarantee that it works.

but how to figure out which command to invoke???

there is a script in newer hal-packages called
"hal-system-power-suspend" in /usr/share/hal/scripts what does some
distro depended checkings to figure out what method to use. we can even
invoke that one, but i its not the best one, since it tests for
/usr/sbin/hibernate-ram last. but it is a good idea to test some distro
specific stuff.

the way benedikt suggested (xfsm-powermgt) is nice and very flexible ..
one can implement the hal-checking and distro-specific stuff in there.

but finally one have to modify the xfsm-shutdown-helper files as well,
cause the method of invoking shutdown and hibernate commands is not very
flexible. but we need root-privileges to perform hibernation.

> So the choice is between opt-out or opt-in, but the latter needs to be
> made easily discoverable.
> And hibernation can work on desktops too, not only laptops, and it makes
> sense for faster restart of the system.


> Jani


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