4.4b2 works fine on OpenBSD 3.9 !

Landry landry at fr.homeunix.org
Tue Jul 11 08:45:08 CEST 2006

Hi list !

As for every beta release, i try to compile xfce on my favourite OS, 
OpenBSD :)
Last beta2 release works fine, i compiled it from the tarballs into 
/local (i had problems with the installer, and didn't want to restart 
all the compilation for each error)
I only had to install some packages : gtk2, pkgconfig, vte, gmake, 
python, p5-URI and p5-XML-Parser. I've set CFLAGS=-I/usr/local/include 
and PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/local/lib/pkgconfig and every module compiled fine.

As for beta1, i had to create the symlinks for modules :
for i in `ls 
/local/lib/xfce4/{modules,mcs-plugins,panel-plugins}/*.so*`; do ln -s
$i `echo $i | sed -e's/.0.0//'` ; done
But this is an OpenBSD-specific thing, .so links are not created by 
default (as far as i understood it)

One little idea, maybe already suggested here : in the icon themes, why 
not having a kind of xfce-mail.png ? We have 'network' in the list, 
which usually goes for web-browser, why not 'mail-client' ?

I noticed that in the default layout of the panel, Terminal launcher
had the xfce-mixer icon... dunno if it was only on my setup.

I only have a little issue with Terminal, show on the following 
screenshot :

It doesn't handle well special characters, like éèàçù and all these
kind of letter we use on french keyboards :), whereas Eterm and xterm
handles these correctly. When i type a special char in Terminal,
nothing is shown, i don't get a beep. If i try with xev, i get a
'square', like in the 'ls' shown.
I get these errors with Terminal :
landry at renton[~]%LC_ALL=iso8859-15 Terminal

(process:18513): Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by Xlib

(process:18513): Gdk-WARNING **: cannot set locale modifiers

** (Terminal:18513): WARNING **: Error (Illegal byte sequence) 
converting data for child, dropping

I don't know if this is a shell or font issue, or maybe a locale thing 
(OpenBSD doesn't handle locales atm) but i love Terminal and i'd like
to use it as default.... with special characters :)

Thanks for your great work on Xfce - i install it on every computer i 
touch !


Ps: this mail is for the archives too, if someone wants to compile xfce 
on OpenBSD, these informations may be useful :)

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