xfce4 and a lot of zombies - menu problem?

Mr Machine machinehasnoagenda at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 00:25:54 CET 2006

Edscott Wilson Garcia wrote:
> On Sun, 15 Jan 2006, Mr Machine wrote:
>>i've just updated to the latest SVN xfce, and have noticed (via
>>xfce4-taskmanager and pstree) that most applications i start from
>>xffm-deskview, xfce4-panel, or the menu, are left as zombies when closed
>>... they don't seem to get cleaned up. is this a problem, or should i
>>just ignore it?
> xffm-deskview should not leave zombies behind. For each process started 
> with xffm-deskview, you will have two others: one for processing output 
> produced by the program in a diagnostic window and another for zombie 
> cleanup. there are some exceptions to this run mode, like for 
> example terminals. You can also see files in /dev/shm when xffm-deskview 
> is keeping tabs on a program.

ok, i've updated to very latest SVN, and it seems to be the menu-plugin 
that leaves its zombies without cleaning up. any program i launch from 
it will leave a zombie either until i reboot or kill the menu plugin (i 
am getting some of this info from xfproc - another cool addition to the 
arsenal). or maybe i'm just insane :D

also - the desktop menu (which you used to get from right-clicking on 
the desktop) seems to be gone from SVN after the last couple of updates. 
i have the appropriate "yes"s in the file manager settings, but still no 
pop-up menu. the menu panel-plugin builds and installs, but there's the 
zombie thing ...

ps - i'm getting some core dumps (?) from xffm ... what do i do with these?


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