new application: xfproc

Edscott Wilson Garcia edscott at
Sun Jan 15 04:05:45 CET 2006

On Sat, 14 Jan 2006, Lukasz Hejnak wrote:

> Edscott Wilson Garcia napisał(a):
>> I've added a new application called xfproc.
>> In the near future with this application you will be able to double click
>> on a process icon and do cool stuff like signal and I don't know what
>> else.
> Hi
> It's a good idea, since I haven't seen any such program for xfce yet,
> and it's handy to have.
> My first question is, will it run as a seperate app, or will it be a
> plugin for the panel? (or both?)

This is a separate application, but the plugin design means that you 
need a GUI interfase that is able to load the plugin. This is the case for 
both xffm-treeview and xffm-iconview, but not for the panel (a wrapper 
plugin would be needed for that).

> and in the panel case, will there be a possibility to choose how many
> processes are to be viewed (sorting probably by the cpu use percents)
> Another thing I think could be usefull would be to show in % how much
> cpu that process uses.

Yes. Currently in the treeview you can click on the size column and you 
will have them sorted by how much memory they are using. I have the nice 
value in the mode column but I think that should be changed to cpu 
percents to have something like you suggest (like a graphic "top").

> (for example a color bar in the background, behind the name of the proc,
> such that when it's full width, it means 100%)
> And about the clicking, maybe not double click, but a middle click?
> And then there would be a little menu with info on the process like
> pid/cpu/time/mem/owner and a button to killit and killit -9

Yes, the middle click is the same thing as double-click using the iconview 
GUI as front end to the plugin. I had thought of a full dialog box on 
double clic with all information on the process and a dropdown menu with 
the different signals you can send the process to TERM, KILL, HUP or even 
SEGV it. But probably a menu as you suggest is easier and will be 
completed first.

> So those are my first thoughts about such an app.
> Now I'm heading off to svn (as I understand that's where You added it)
> to check it out :)


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