How to get to the Xfce 4.4 website

Fabian Nowak timystery at
Thu Jan 12 08:52:51 CET 2006

Am Mittwoch, den 11.01.2006, 14:03 -0800 schrieb Brian J. Tarricone:

> Also, is it not a fluid layout?  It's framed fairly well on my 1024x768
> laptop screen, but I imagine there will be a lot of white space to the
> left and right if in a maximised window on my 1600x1200 desktop screen
> at home.
> Regardless, this is just picky technical stuff.  Aesthetically, it's
> very nice.
> 	-b

at 1600x1200, nearly maximised opera window with favorites at the left
which take about 250px and the xfce iconbox at the right, which takes
about 50px, it looks quite ok with about 250px of white space at each

but i really ask myself who works with a fullscreen browser at this
resolution... (i have a browser area of approximately 800x700 normally.)

another annoying thing is that no homepage has smoothly readable font
sizes - those used ain't smoothly readable either. you can read it with
some comfortable distance from your screen only after pressing '+' 2-4
times, which means at 120-140% zoom.

the blue at the top is much too heavy to be consistent with the notion
"lightweight" IMO.
would be more "lightweight".

apart from that, i think it's quite good work.


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