problems with svn xffm (including stacktrace)

Edscott Wilson Garcia edscott at
Sat Feb 25 13:13:14 CET 2006

you wrote:

>my machine has:
>AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2400+
>512MB RAM
>i tried compiling xffm with enable-debug=full, but got errors ... would
>full debugging help more?

Not really since there is so much output it's impossible to follow. I just replace
the "TRACE" statements for "g_message" in the areas of interest. The problem lies with
the drag and drop icon (the pixmap  shown while you drag an icon) being invalidated before 
time. If I recall well, you might be using single-click-navigation. I only tested fix
with double-click-navigation... Nope. Can't reproduce either. Maybe... if you only recompiled
xffm then the issue might remain since there were changes in libxffm as well. Current versions are:
libxffm (OK)
xffm (OK)

Please check this last point before I implement plan B.


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