keyboard shortcut manager latency

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Fri Feb 17 22:10:38 CET 2006

>     Hello
>     while testing the responsiveness of xfrun I found that keys that are
>     bound using the shortcut plugin have a different behaviour than the ones
>     hardcoded in xfwm. For instance while reaction to alt-f4, f5 etc is
>     instant once the two keys are pressed simultaneously, for the shortcuts
>     I have to keep the modifier key (alt, shift) pressed for about 100-200
>     ms and only then press the other key otherwise the action does not
>     trigger.
>     Do others notice this?
> Yes, I have.
> I'm using mostly multimedia keys, but when you have to push 2 buttons
> the new shortcuts plugin is "slow".
>     Jani
> Nick

Replying here to Olivier to quote the description of what I see and to 
mix threads up a bit ;)
I have just looked at a 4.2 system and there I can simultaneously press 
alt and f2 and it triggers the action while here with 4.3 I need to keep 
the alt pressed down a bit more.
I'll have to try 4.2 on this system too - too bad dapper is already 
using 4.3 ;) to make sure it is not a gdk/X issue.
Is the code similar to what you had in xfwm4?


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