Schedule for 4.4

Joao Pedrosa at
Thu Feb 16 11:24:48 CET 2006

Hi all,

it's good to see the shaping up of 4.4.

The panel should be feature-complete, but probably not everything is
> working as it should. It is working well enough to start alpha/beta
> testing, I believe. I can't test xinerama/multi-head myself, so I will
> need some help with that.

I still use a custom version of Xfce 4.3 that I hacked with some workaround
to make it work with multi-head, so it has been a while that I haven't
the improvements of the Panel and of the other things with multi-head.
I particularly don't like to use Xinerama, but I found out that it worked
relatively well in the past, because it's only one instance of the X server.
With multi-head I think we use two or more instance of the X server which
can make it harder to get the code to behave well for single instance and
multiple instances.

I'm going to update my version of Xfce 4.3 again in the comming days,
because I want to see if Thunar got a certain fix already for a bug that
crashes it while I rename a directory with it, and it would be good to
test the default multi-head again before I need to update it with my
hacks to make it work for me.

I think email is a good means for some exchanges of ideas and testing
responses, because I prefer it to IM. If you want me to report directly
to you if I find problems with the multi-head I would be glad to to help you
create a good multi-head version for 4.4. Maybe I could use Fluxbox or
even Gnome while I test the versions of Xfce before they work for me in

What do you say? :-)

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