problems with svn xffm (including stacktrace)

Edscott Wilson Garcia edscott at
Mon Feb 13 14:34:38 CET 2006

On Mon, 13 Feb 2006, Mr Machine wrote:

> it appears to be any two iconview windows as well as any two files.
> dragging *.desktop files from the application browser to my Desktop
> folder always crashes on the second file i copy (actually, it seems this
> is the case dragging from any system folder).
> if i have two home folders open in two seperate iconview windows and
> drag/copy from one to the other, i can usually manage to copy 5 - 8
> files before it crashes.
> in case it's relevant - my home folders that i was copying to and from
> don't have nearly as many files or folders in them than the system ones
> i was copying from. the backtraces i've been getting from these crashes
> are all the same, too.

Yes. I am now able to reproduce by drag-drop file-by-file in rapid 
succesion. I should be uploading a fix to svn soon.

> hey, thanx for breaking it down like that for me! i've been slowly
> getting keen to start learning how to code, and explanations like this
> are a great way to ease into it ;)

Glad to. That's why this is the "dev" list.

> If with any further
>> information I am still unable to reproduce, then I must do
>> some detective work from the point where the drag icon is
>> set until I find the possible race condition.
> if the sparse extra info i've given at the top don't help, just let me
> know any other tests or info you need and i'll try to help out :)

The information you provided was very valuable. Thanks :-)

> shayne
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