Verve: Command line plugin

Jannis Pohlmann info at
Mon Feb 6 10:31:46 CET 2006

Biju Chacko schrieb:
> Jannis Pohlmann wrote:
>>during the last three days, I've been busy on implementing an enhanced
>>alternative to the current minicmd plugin for the panel. It's not
>>intended to be a replacement, 
> Replace it! Replace it! Minicmd is pretty crappy -- and I should know. 
> :) The only reason that it's lasted so long is that it does the bare 
> minimum to function.

Hehe, ok. If you say that, I'll prepare a good autotools setup today and
write a mail to Jasper so that he can add me to the goodies.

> The only thing that I suggest is that it's behavior should be consistent 
> with the new xfrun.

That should be no problem. Currently, the behaviour is a mixture of
xfrun and the common shell environments:

You can browse your command history with GDK_Up (which is the opposite
of how xfrun does it, but it's the way how you'd expect it from the
shell). With GDK_Down you can scroll back to the more recent commands.
And, of course, you can cycle through the history. After the last
(oldest) command from the history, you get an empty command line and
after that the latest command is displayed again.

The auto-completion doesn't work like in xfrun (which only completes
commands from the history). It also completes binaries in $PATH, which
probably is the number one feature.

- Jannis

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