xfrun4 + dbus

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 18:26:56 CET 2006

> Looks good at first sight. I'd add service activation too. And I think
> I'd be better to rewrite xfrun4 from scratch with only a very simple
> fallback (without any goodies, just make sure it's fast).

I have just started on d-bus so to make sure, by service activation you 
mean setting  dbus_message_set_auto_start (message, TRUE) ?  Also I have 
a DBusError there but do not really check it's contents, maybe there 
should be just NULL instead.

xfrun4 rewriting from scratch can come after this works I guess. That 
would mean a regression though for people who don't start dbus services 
for this but still want the goodies (completion I suppose) at the cost 
of startup time. When I tried xfrun without icon buttons it started 
faster but still you could feel it start. There are a lot of files 
stat() ed even without the icon stuff - ld.so files, fonts, locales.
gmrun while faster still has a noticable startup time.

One other thing may be turning the current xfrun into a background 
process started from xsession, providing the dbus service and the real 
xfrun be only the remote call and no fallback. Then we'd have the same 
behavior as now but relying on a slightly more complicated setup with 
the advantage of lower latency. Then the default xfrun service provider
could be optionally replaced by thunar/xffm.


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