Question related to twinview nr 2

Marcel Maier marcelmaier260486 at
Wed Feb 1 00:41:44 CET 2006

>On Tue, 31 Jan 2006 21:29:14 +0100, "Marcel Maier" 
><marcelmaier260486 at> wrote:
> > Im a twinview user (dual monitor ) well, I did a world update with 
>I'm not clear what your problem is but your e-mail is missing VITAL 
>for anyone to help you with it!
>* which version of Xfce were you running before the update?
>* which version do you have now?
>* did any major other component of the desktop got upgraded too?
>also, because you are talking about a 'distro' update, you should really 
>with the distro and see if they have specific information about the Xfce 
>they package for you. The Xfce team has no idea what gentoo might have done
>to the Xfce packages!
>Be precise, do the checks. And don't forget to read the ML FAQ :^)
>If you give some more information on what happened, I'm sure some of the 
>on this list might be able to help you.

Hi Auke

Thank u for the quick answer...  well what can I say ...

I do the update almost every second day ... and  .. since a long time ago .. 
I ve not seen that Xfce4
has been in the list of the packages to be updated ... (xfce4 was neither 
this time in the update list)

Im pretty sure that the problem is not related to gentoo directly ...   ( I 
mean ... why would it be a problem of gentoo ... since Xfce is created by 
the xfce4 developers ... Gentoo just includes it to its portage nothing more 
... they dont apply changes to the xfce4 packages )

Well I can tell you  I use  the Xfce4

To explain my problem more with more precision ... I want to show you 2 
screenshots 1 before and 1 after ....   (normal)    ( suddenly streched )

Sorry ... I wished to be more precise ... but I dont write down the list of 
the packages my system updates ... soo I cant remember what exactly may 
cause this difference ....

Ahh btw .. Auke  what did you mean with the    ML FAQ ?

I use already the pan Newsreader ... and Im subscribed to the gentoo    
gmane.linux.gentoo.user.german section ...

Thank u soo much for everything :) atm

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