xfce4-taskmanager bugs?

Harold Aling h.aling at home.nl
Mon Dec 18 22:09:59 CET 2006

Dear list,

Where can I log bugs against xfce4-taskmanager? It seems to be a goodie, 
but it has no own bugzilla section, nor a website...

I found these 'bugs', but I'm sure there are more like these, as I 
didn't check (h)top output
* Other memory usage indication: almost always 95-100% where the "System 
load monitor" -for example- only reports ~20-25% usage
* Adding up cpu usage is always more than the top indicator indicates
* Ability to use 101% cpu
* Cpu usage with decimal (0,0) notation, but it's never used (only integers)

Xfce4-taskmanager is widely used and probably considered part of 
Xfce4(.4) by many. Maybe it would be cool to fix the memory and cpu 
indicators for the final 4.4 release?


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