Moving xfwm4-themes to goodies?

Bernhard Walle bernhard.walle at
Sun Dec 17 21:00:41 CET 2006

* Olivier Fourdan <fourdan at> [2006-12-17 20:53]:
> I've been thinking that we should/could move xfwm4-themes to the goodies
> for xfce 4.4.
> It's not much useful to ship with that much themes...

I found it one big advantage of xfwm4 over other window manager that
it comes with a large number of themes. Themes often look different if
you apply it with your own environment (background color, gtk color
...) than on a screenshot. So it saves much times if you can simply
browse them locally over downloading them from xfce-look.

Of course, it doesn't matter if the package is at goodies, just it
should be one package to make it packagers easy to build them. Not 50
tarballs ...

> What do other devs think?

Oh, I'm a just user. :)

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