Do we release a beta3/rc1 these days ?

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Fri Aug 25 21:08:17 CEST 2006

� Wauthy wrote:
> If all devs could provide a descriptions of changes, that would be
> great.

Well, most importantly, I actually did something this time ;-)

I got help from several people including Nick, Benedikt, Jean-Francois, 
Darren Salt, Landry Breuil, and of course our translators. A big thanks 
to you.

* Fix/reimplement kiosk mode (bug #1993).
* Fix linking with -Wl,--as-needed (bug #1977).
* Reduce number of polls/timeouts.
* Prevent panel from being closed by Alt-F4 (bug #2116).
* Use g_slice_* functions from glib when available.
* Add search filter to 'Add item' dialog.
* Add dummy (empty) scripts for deprecated xftaskbar4 and xfce4-iconbox.
* Make desktop switching by scrolling over the pager optional (bug #1951).
* Use pango_ellipsize in windowlist and highlight active window.
* Flat buttons in taskbar by default (old behavior can still be selected).
* Prevent panel (item) dialogs from being always on top.
* Add xfce4-popup-windowlist program to allow showing the windowlist 
from a keyboard shortcut (bug #2104).
* Optionally show apps from all desktops iconbox.


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