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Michael Verret wrote:
> Kind people,
> First some info about me and then my problem. I am part of the Zenwalk
> Linux team. One of my tasks is running the gaming site for Zenwalk,
> ZenGamer. My problem is that we have over 90 packages there and when a
> user installs the games, they all are displayed under the "games" menu
> section. This gets very large and "scrolling" kicks in once you have
> enough games installed. We do use the
> "usr/share/applications/*.desktop" files correctly as in
> "Categories=Application;Game;Action;" but no "Action" submenu of
> "Games" is displayed.
> I would like the XFCE menu to display game submenus as the *.desktop
> files dictate. For example, I would like to see the following:
> games: Action
> ------------ Arcade
> ------------ Board
> ------------ Card
> ------------ Children/Education
> ------------ Emulation
> ------------ First Person Shooter
> ------------ Game Engines
> ------------ Programming Games
> ------------ Puzzles
> ------------ Racing
> ------------ Roguelike
> ------------ Simulation
> ------------ Sports
> ------------ Strategy
> Do you know how I can accomplish this? Is there a config file for XFCE
> somewhere that sets these options? Or is there certain submenu items
> allowed, i.e. Action, Arcade, Child, but no Roguelike. Either way,
> none of the submenus ever show up.

Well, you could read the comments in the default menu.xml file and it
would tell you about changing the system menu's style from "simple" to
"multilevel".  This isn't extensively tested, as I don't use it myself,
but give it a try.


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