Patching xfdesktop to add Thunar Trash icon

Gregoire Gentil gregoire at
Sat Aug 5 22:51:18 CEST 2006


Thanks for your answer. I have a few quick questions:
-1. will your implementation result in the same user experience (true
trash icon on the desktop like for the removable device)?

-2. No pressure but do you have an idea when you will have finished the
implementation? Mid of August? End of August?

-3. Have you seen the answer from Benedikt recommending to use
org.xfce.Trash D-Bus interface?

-4. If you need help, let me know (at least to QA the feature),


PS: Thanks to Benedkit for his answer too.

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> Gregoire Gentil wrote:
> > I'm trying to patch xfdesktop to add a Trash icon on the 
> desktop. This
> > trash icon is supposed to be linked to the new Thunar trash feature.
> [...]
> Not to discourage you, but I'm already working on this feature, and I
> don't want to cram any more code into 
> XfdesktopFileIconManager (as it's
> already getting to be a bit of an unmaintainable mess), so 
> the plan now
> is to abstract out "special" file icons (such as filesystem, home,
> trash, and possibly removable volumes) into their own class.
> This is turning out to be a bit more work than I thought it 
> would, hence
> why it wasn't done last weekend like I hoped...
> 	-brian
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