New minimum requirement of GTK+2/GLIB for Xarchiver

Jean-François Wauthy pollux at
Thu Aug 3 11:43:31 CEST 2006

Le jeudi 03 août 2006 à 11:34 +0200, Giuseppe Torelli a écrit :
> On 8/3/06, Jean-François Wauthy <pollux at> wrote:
> > we target GTK 2.6 which is using GLib 2.8 IIRC
> So I can revert the minimum requirement for GTK+ to 2.6 and keep the
> one for glib to 2.8, right ?
Looks like i spoke too fast, Gtk+ 2.6 seems to require GLib 2.6 the gap
between the versions came later.

If you want to keep the Gtk+ 2.6 dependency you can c&p the code from
the GLib or libxfce4util into xarchiver and eventually using some
conditional compilation or runtime test to see if  GLib 2.8 is available
and in this case uses the GLib func.

Jean-François Wauthy <pollux at>
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