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Mon Sep 26 08:34:43 CEST 2005

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Jasper Huijsmans wrote:
>>The only advantage I see to using exit directly is that the plugin
>>author can register stuff to run atexit - but that's a little hacky to
>>me anyway, since it doesn't work for internal plugins. A "finalize"
>>signal or similar might be better - which could eliminate the loop
>>with gtk_main_level by giving plugin authors the chance to kill any
>>additional mainloops themselves, and just use gtk_main_quit() as the
>>callback directly.
> Hmm, yeah, the plugin author could connect to the destroy signal if I 
> connect the gtk_main_quit() with g_signal_connect_after (). Sounds 
> reasonable.

Actually, yeah, I did suggest using _after(), but I guess you missed
that ^_~.

> Any other comments suggestions?
> Actualy, I don't feel entirely comfortable with doing all this work in 
> the macro. Alternatively, I could change it to be run from inside main 
> by the plugin authors themselves.
>    XFCE_PANEL_REGISTER_EXTERNAL_PLUGIN (contruct, argc, argv);
> Any opinions on this?

I kinda like the idea that you can switch between internal and external
by changing a single line.  It's nice to have the API do the work for
you (as it should) when 99% of the plugins will have the exact same main().


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