New panel: settings in separate dialogs

Jannis Pohlmann info at
Fri Sep 23 14:07:41 CEST 2005

Jasper Huijsmans schrieb:
> Hi all,
> The new panel is coming along nicely. All plugins that I wanted to add 
> to a the panel have been added, so I guess I'm more or less ready to 
> move it to SVN trunk.
> In order to make handling the panel settings more obvious I spit the 
> settings into one dialog for properties (and to add/remove panels) and 
> one to add items (and move items around).
> It would be nice if some people could test the changes and tell me what 
> they think. Adding and moving items is now done through drag and drop only.
> Suggestions are always welcome.

Works great here. Some things I noticed:

1. Transparency value is 95 at maximum, not 100.
2. When manipulating a launcher and closing the session (with saving)
   the launcher settings are not saved.
3. Moving panel items around often doesn't work properly. For example, I
   have a taskbar, systray and a clock in the upper right. Moving the
   systray to the left of the taskbar and back causes it to be at the
   right side of the clock. Hm. You have to play around with it
   yourself, that's pretty difficult to explain clearly.

Besides, I really love it.

- Jannis

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