Notes on the new panel

Jannis Pohlmann info at
Wed Sep 21 10:56:31 CEST 2005

>>1. Perhaps the customize panel dialog should have a list of items which
>>   are in the currently selected panel so that you can move items up and
>>   down just like you can in the properties of the starter. It took some
>>   time until I noticed that I can just drag them somewhere else.
> Maybe. I don't really like having too many ways to edit panel contents. 
> I agree that it will probably easier to discover.

The possibility of dragging the items around isn't clear, I think. Maybe
you're right. But perhaps you could make it more obvious (don't know in
which way, though).

>>2. Don't know if this really makes sense, but wouldn't it be great to
>>   allow the plugins to define custom options in their context menu?
> xfce_panel_plugin_menu_insert_item ()

Ah, great.

>>3. The icons of the panel actions plugin are kinda small at the moment.
>>   If you enable both, screen locking and quit, it becomes hard to
>>   distinguish them in a panel with about 30-35 pixels height. Also, it
>>   would be nice to let the user switch between horizontal and vertical
>>   orientation manually.
> You can add two single action buttons. I wanted to keep it as simple as 
> possible.

I see. The "Quit" button doesn't work properly yet. Is this intended?
When I click it (on panel 1), xfce4-panel closes and when I re-run it
only panel 2 shows up again until I restart Xfce.

- Jannis

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