Notes on the new panel

Jannis Pohlmann info at
Wed Sep 21 10:34:52 CEST 2005

Hi Jasper,

I just checked out the new panel again. I really like it! Some things
came to my mind, though:

1. Perhaps the customize panel dialog should have a list of items which
   are in the currently selected panel so that you can move items up and
   down just like you can in the properties of the starter. It took some
   time until I noticed that I can just drag them somewhere else.

2. Don't know if this really makes sense, but wouldn't it be great to
   allow the plugins to define custom options in their context menu?

3. The icons of the panel actions plugin are kinda small at the moment.
   If you enable both, screen locking and quit, it becomes hard to
   distinguish them in a panel with about 30-35 pixels height. Also, it
   would be nice to let the user switch between horizontal and vertical
   orientation manually.

That's it. Really nice work!


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