Aw: RE: xfce4-mount-plugin i18n ? (fwd)

timystery at timystery at
Sat Sep 17 21:29:20 CEST 2005


Sponsor for  i18n found, at and there is the version with i18n enabled.
german translation is working; lt, ko, el, fr can very easily be achieved as they are already included in the configuration files used from the sensors-plugin.

I did not change the version number since I'm not going to become the maintainer as I use rox or aterm to mount devices ;)

It would be very nice to have the plugin also use svn.... I could then upload all the autoconf files to make the project accessible to developers and also to translators.

Bye, Fabian

(I also responded to xfce-goodies as its more a goodies topic than xfce-dev)

>  Hi, Dear Devs!
>  Jean-Baptiste Dulong (jb_dul KUKAC yahoocom) wrote, he is not maintaning
> [his great] mount plugin anymore.
>  Oh. I'm using standarly installed Debian stable + xfce4.current from
> Benny's Xfld repo or from source, so i'm (& many traditional users are)
> using mount plugin + i'm not dev but active hungarian translator, so i'm
> highly motivated is hungarian Mount Plugin translation, but it's not
> i18n-ed yet.
>  Dear Devs!:-) Any Sponsor ?
>  THX: sas aka satie   -   hungarian translator

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