Rewriting the clipboard plugin.

Nick Schermer nickschermer at
Thu Sep 15 18:17:00 CEST 2005

ATM I'm rewriting/customizing the clipboard plug in and I've added some nice 
new futures:
(these are already working)

* Prevent empty clipboard (when closing app, the clipboard is filled with 
the last copied data)
* Select history size (now directly applied)
* ignore selections (only copied/cut data is added to the clipboard)
* Some icons in the menu, looks fancier.
* max character in menu item.

I have still some more futures to add:

* safe clipboard data on exit (and restore)
* Split menu item it it's to long (This will be the....text then)

Everything seems to work fine, but there is a small problem:
when the clipboard is filled with 80 items, and to make the 
history size 10, all new data is lost and the clip board contains
only the 20 oldest items, but I'll fix that.

When the other futures will work, I'll post the source code and maybe
it's use full to add this as a default plug in in the new panel??

Greets, Xerverius
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