wewa xfce's web suite project

Jonas Geiregat yux at sdf-eu.org
Mon Sep 12 14:09:46 CEST 2005

Ori Bernstein wrote:

> That would be nice, but please do not package as a single item, like 
> Mozilla.
>Instead, follow the Thunderbird/Firefox/etc route, and just make apps that work
>nicely together and integrate, but are separately distributed.
>Personally, I don't want a new email client - I love my sylpheed - and I don't
>care too much for an RSS aggregator at this point, maybe later - I just want a
>light, fast, reasonably bug-free web browser.
That's the whole point, I don't want this suite to be monolithic, but 
just one thing that does the job fast and good. Those different 
application all being part of the wewa suite will be abe to work nicely 
and clever together. I'll release each application in a seperate 
tarball. I don't want to force people to have wewa's email client 
installed while actually they're only using the browser.

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