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Wed Sep 7 21:15:45 CEST 2005

Well, currently there is a setting to make windows sticky with other 
windows, and it works great. Every window can be docked/stuck to any other 
window, which makes for pixel perfect alignment (and is very mentally 
pleasing to me.. =p). The issue is, try to align 4 windows in a grid (2 
high, 2 wide). You need to resize some to make them fit.. but they arent 
sticky while resizing, so you end up guessing, then sticking it, and 
repeating until it looks right. Or you can line them up, and resize very 
carefully. It just makes sense to me, to have an option to make them sticky 
while resizing as well.

Also, skippy is decently useful. My main issues with it:
1. it seems fairly slow on my system (2.8ghz), while capturing images for 
the windows
2. I don't want to cache the images (well I want an option for it)
3. I would like an option for animation, like apple's expose (since slower 
machines could just turn it off)

My idea, (may or may not work) would be to grab a window list, record 
coordinates, and literally move,resize the windows into the formation 
desired (by algorithm to fit them all on screen well). I need to look into 
X's ability to visually resize, because some windows may not want to (or be 
made to, could crash if size dependent for some strange reason) resize. If 
that can't be done, I will of course have to capture images of the windows 
and make a little selection application, like skippy does, hopefully 
improving whatever is slowing skippy down. Literally moving/sizing them has 
the benefit of being in real time, for video, animations, chat windows, etc.

As usual, any and all suggestions are welcome, I'm going to toy with skippy 
a bit and see if I can see whats slowing it down.


On 9/7/05, Danny Milosavljevic <dannym at> wrote:
> Am Dienstag, den 06.09.2005, 20:35 +0000 schrieb rootsuid:
> > I love making windows sticky with other windows.. makes everything
> > line up and look pretty. The stickiness setting does nothing while
> > resizing. An option for that would be nice =], just seeing if that
> > subject is on anyone's list, if not I'll make that mod myself too =].
> Sounds nice, if anyone would implement it. How would you set which
> windows are magnetic to each other and which are not though (as a
> user) ?
> >
> > Complete side subject: I'd love something like expose` (mac software,
> > makes all windows visible) for xfce, would work well as a little
> > addon. I haven't looked at any xfce window code, so if any devs want
> > to point me in the direction, or notify me of a better solution, I'm
> > very open to suggestions.
> there is skippy at
> >
> > --root
> cheers,
> Danny
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