stickiness and expose

Jonas Geiregat yux at
Wed Sep 7 09:08:48 CEST 2005

rootsuid wrote:

>I love making windows sticky with other windows.. makes everything
>line up and look pretty. The stickiness setting does nothing while
>resizing. An option for that would be nice =], just seeing if that
>subject is on anyone's list, if not I'll make that mod myself too =].
>Complete side subject: I'd love something like expose` (mac software,
>makes all windows visible) for xfce, would work well as a little
>addon. I haven't looked at any xfce window code, so if any devs want
>to point me in the direction, or notify me of a better solution, I'm
>very open to suggestions.
I know there's an application for metacity to have exposé alike functions.
Haven't tested it yet and it's written in python which probably makes it 
unreliable slow.

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