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Mon Nov 28 22:12:58 CET 2005

Yes, as usual. This is why I would like to edit this wiki and make it 
becoming the new xfce-goodies site. Because we also need someone to do 
the job of maintening  the site, and nobody seems to do this currently.
Even if I have less time this year than before (I had my diploma and 
found a job 2 month ago :-) ), I think I can find some in order to do so. 
Also, a wiki is a good idea since it can be easily edited by anyone. 
I can also edit the current one, but that's just (quite a lot) harder 
(say need more time) to do.

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Jasper Huijsmans wrote:
> masse nicolas schreef:
>>Always the same problem for me: How can we edit the pages on
>> ?
> You can't. I told you ;-) It's a proposal, a proof of concept. It is not 
> intended as the real web site. That should be created on
> I saw a little discussion about the xfce website(s), so it might be 
> better to do this as part of a larger restructuring of the Xfce site.

Yeah...  We had some discussion, and, as usual, nothing really came of
it ^_~.


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