make error in xffm-gui

Foxy foxy at
Sun Nov 27 15:31:09 CET 2005

Edscott Wilson Garcia wrote:
> On Sun, 27 Nov 2005, Foxy wrote:
>> I decided to update xffm and got an error compiling xffm-gui. I have attached 
>> the file with console output. It used to be OK, but I have not compiled new 
>> svn checkouts for a while. Cheers.
> My mistake: I didn't update the library version numbers so that during the 
> configure step you were not notified that your installed version of 
> libxffm is too old. I've now fixed this in svn.
> The basic changes involved in the new library function is with the way 
> commands executed from within xffm are handled. Now all output  from 
> executed programs is displayed in the diagnostics box. Also, you can now 
> do things like "ls /tmp" without the "In terminal" check box and get the 
> results in the diagnostics window. Or you can pipe output to files (as in 
> using the following command for postscript files: "mpage -P- %s > 
>"). Sudo commands are also fair game and will query for 
> password if such is required.
> Only one glitch. If an executed program sends some text output, but does 
> not flush, the xffm window which executed the command will freeze until 
> the application flushes. This reflects a bug in the executed application, 
> because it is useless to send text output and not flush. So far I've found 
> that one of the processes that "evolution" spawns will encounter a 
> condition that will not flush.
> The above does not apply to executing from xffm-deskview or xffm-run, 
> since these do not have a diagnostics window.
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thanks a lot... I will try it today.

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