[ANNOUNCE] Xfce released

Bernhard Walle bernhard.walle at gmx.de
Sun Nov 13 02:45:57 CET 2005

Bernhard Walle <bernhard.walle at gmx.de> [2005-11-09]:
> Olivier Fourdan <fourdan at xfce.org> [2005-11-08]:
> > 
> > The Xfce development team is glad to announce Xfce, a
> > maintenance
> > and bug fix release of Xfce 4.2 (current latest stable branch of Xfce).
> > 
> > As usual, source and binary packages are available from Sourceforge.net,
> > Xfce.org and all the usual mirrors.
> SUSE 10.0 users: Be patient. My packages will appear at
> http://packman.links2linux.de (available with YaST and apt
> repository and mirrored all over the world) at the weekend.
> http://turing.fh-landshut.de/~bwalle/xfce/ will not be continued.

The packages for SUSE Linux 10.0 are ready at

Mirrors are at ftp://packman.links2linux.de/pub/packman/MIRRORS. YaST
repositories are available.

There's an apt repository at
ftp://ftp4.gwdg.de/pub/linux/suse/apt/SuSE/10.0-i386/, it's called
"packman", of course.


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        -- Isaac Newton

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