trunk/xfwm4 bug?

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Fri Nov 11 19:50:55 CET 2005

Hi Auke,

On Fri, 2005-11-11 at 10:40 -0800, Auke Kok wrote:
> I'm using a 5-day old xfwm4 from trunk atm and noticed that when 
> dragging windows across the sides of desktops about 1 in 5 times it 
> doesn't "wrap" to the edge I drag it over but actually makes it jump to 
> the other side of the desktop, thus making me hit another edge and 
> triggering another wrap+desktop switch.
> Since this is rather inconsistent behaviour I wonder if anyone else has 
> spotted this, or my imagination is acting up, or it's just my variable 
> CPU speed creating this artefact.

Dunno, but when wrap occurs, the pointer is not sent right to the
opposite edge, but 10 pixels off the edge (to avoid this kind of

So theorically, what you describe should not happen.

However, there've been some changes as part of bug #1141:

Since then, no other changes regarding workspace wrap.


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