4.3 wm new feature or bug?

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Wed Nov 9 21:00:39 CET 2005

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On 11/9/2005 10:24 AM, Jani Monoses wrote:
> If I drag a maximized window - seems to happen only with the thunderbird 
> compose window - it becomes the unmaximized size while dragging. If I 
> drag it back fast so as to 'hit' the top of the screen and drop it 
> remaximizes. Otherwise if I drop not at the top or I move it slowly to 
> the top so it is not a 'hit' it remains unmaximized.

IIRC I complained about this a while ago.  It was actually worse: if you
moved a maximised window, it changed to the unmaximised state and there
was no way to get the original size back.  Due to a variety of reasons,
it's pretty easy to do this accidentally and get frustrated.  Olivier
compromosed by making it possible to drag it back to the maximised
position, allowing you to unmaximise the window back to its original
size and position normally.  But he was very sure that he liked the
ability to move around windows that are maximised.  Perhaps he's changed
his mind, but if not...


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