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Wed Nov 9 20:26:31 CET 2005

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On 11/9/2005 3:28 AM, Jani Monoses wrote:

> I thought a bit more about this and I think that customizing the panel 
> itself is even less frequent then the various plugins in it.
> So having customize panel on every right-click menu seems a bit too much 
> to me (Especially since it does not appear on systray and the tasklist, 
> so it is not even consistent across the whole area of the panel).
> One of the reasons I see for this is that if the whole panel is filled 
> with plugins it is hard to find an area to click on to get at the 
> panel's own config menu. I think of having some area reserved on the 
> panel or a special fake plugin which would act as the panel itself.

You also forgot non-full-width panels.  It's virtually impossible to not
click on a plugin in that case.  A fake plugin is a pretty nasty idea.

> BTW: do I do anythoing wrong with the moving of panel plugins? I cannot 
> click and drag them as I said yesterday.

You have to have the "Customize Panel" dialog open.  Seems to make
sense, no?  You *are* customizing the panel by dragging them around.


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