Update on my multihead use - Xinerama works as intended by Jasper, it seems.

Joao Pedrosa joaopedrosa at gmail.com
Sun Nov 6 04:18:37 CET 2005

Hi guys,

While I have used dual-head for over a year, I had never used "Xinerama"
before, which allows for one instance of X.Org to control both monitors as a
big screen.

Now that I have tested it, I can confirm that the code by Jasper for
multi-head works reasonably well -- at least,--- with Xinerama (Although I
haven't had the chance to test it more because I wanted to give you the
fresh good news).

So, what remains to be supported is two or more instances of X.Org by
xfce4-Panel. Maybe this deserves a FAQ.

What do I lose by using Xinerama? Maybe two independent tasks-lists.

What do I gain by using Xinerama? Bigger virtual desktops. Memory savings. I
can drag windows between the two monitors. I guess I'm going to keep
Xinerama, thanks. :-)

4.3.0, here we go!

Thanks a lot.

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