some problems with SVN checkouts

Oliver Lehmann oliver at
Sat Nov 5 15:01:25 CET 2005

Edscott Wilson Garcia wrote:

> Xffm has been split into several packages now. Some have been released in 
> 4.3.x version, some are in that process. See for 
> details. Basically you now have the following:
> libxffm
> xffm-gui
> xfdiff
> fgr
> scramble
> libtubo
> xfmime-edit
> plugins/xfapps
> plugins/xfbook
> plugins/xffstab
> plugins/xflocate
> plugins/xfrecent
> plugins/xfsamba
> plugins/xftrash

Will they be all in different tarballs on release or are some grouped
together? (libxffm+xffm-gui?) As far as I can see, the xffm
tarball on sf differs from the directory structure in svn for example.
I'm just asking because I've to think about the port structure. For
example: One meta-port+subports. The meta-port would always depend on the
libxffm and xffm-gui port, and any other port (plugins, scramble, fgr,
xfmime-edit, xfdiff) would be installed on useres request.

 Oliver Lehmann

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